GK Toilet Trailers


GK builds single and double trailers designed for Agriculture, Construction and other industries that need portable facilities for their workers. These trailers meet all GAP and OHSA’s sanitation requirements for Agriculture and Washington’s Construction requirements.   


Your entire crew will appreciate the durability and spacious interior. Houses come with an optional pump valve kit, similar to an RV style flush valve. GK trailers come with 1 or 2 poly-houses, the 43 gallon stainless steel water tank, Igloo cooler and a built in trashcan with lid.


At the rear of the trailer is the stainless steel sink with stainless soap and towel dispensers for easy and quick cleaning. A plastic grey-water tank holds 25 gallons. 


GK Machine’s portable comfort stations have recently been updated to include a new optional self-shut off water faucet – now you’ll never have to worry about someone leaving the water running!   


GK trailers are easily moved from location to location and can be placed in the most challenging of spaces and now come with LED lighting on each trailer.  Trailers come standard with a 2″ pintle hitch, but you can optionally order a 2-5/16” pintle or pin hitch if needed. 


Some of the optional features that can be easily added to GK’s toilet trailers include; an eye-wash station, a shower kit, multiple washing stations and a larger tank if needed.  

GK Machine’s toilet trailers are quality built and will last for many years to come.

Standard Features:

Optional Features:

Wash Stations - All Steel - NOW AVAILABLE!

GK Machine has recently modified our portable toilet trailers and created an all-steel hand washing station.  Made from all steel they’re great for outdoor uses.  We’ve seen customers from U-pick farms, nurseries and farmers markets ask for these types of outdoor sanitation stations, now they’re in-stock and ready to go!

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